Sunday, October 08, 2006

Sleep, Wonderful Sleep

I can't remember how long it's been since we have had so many nights in a row without work. The almost forgotten joys of going to bed before daylight. I still didn't get up any earlier, but I was a lot happier when I did get up. Wow! The only problem with this is I get out of the rhythm and am a zombie for the next couple of work nights.

After at least 3 full nights off (may have been 4 but I lost count) a challenging order. Two flights of stairs with cows and hearts (I told you, I really like the combination) to set up in a big planter outside a condo. We arrived and made the first hike up the stairs, me with the sign and DBFA with 5 cows. The person who placed the order was snoozing on the couch just inside the sliding glass doors. He rose up when he heard us to inform us that the birthday girl was spending the weekend at their other home. He wanted to take the critters there. We offered to load his SUV and were thirlled when he accepted. Yipee!! We didn't have to do 3 more trip up those stairs. No pictures, but no heart attacks either.

Another bonus to this was we didn't have to pick it up the following night. Great because we had deliveries in Gilroy and Los Gatos - the opposite direction. First stop was Los Gatos. A yard of nice clean roosters for Marcy's 40th. We were so grateful for the full moon. Los Gatos doesn't have a big investment in street lighting. It was dark, dark, dark.

Then another 40 miles south for another 40th birthday. No one was supposed to be home when we set up, but we were stealthy anyway. They could have come home early.

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