Friday, September 22, 2006

The New Flamingomobile

I finally finished the graphics for the new(ish) van. DBFA and I wanted to get it all installed before the Awning Queen's company picnic on Saturday. We had to squeeze it in between Chamber events. It was a very active week. Golf tournament, breakfast, Potomac cruise. I guess the best way to make sure business is good and the networking opportunities abound is to have a project that requires attention.

I think it came out good, and we are certainly getting looks in the road. Having the name writ large on the van also helps with the neighborhood watch ladies. You know the ones. Middle aged or older, insomniac, not crazy about the late night TV offerings, so they keep an eye on the goings on in their area. I'm always pleased to see the woman (why is it always a woman) in her house coat, curlers and scuffs who materializes behind the van, notepad in hand, taking down our license number "just in case". With Flamingo Surprise displayed in 12" letters, bright pink, on both sides of the vehicle we are obviously not trying to hide who we are.

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