Sunday, September 24, 2006

Ever Get The Feeling You'e Being Watched?

I've been bad. No, not like that (those days are behind me, sigh). I've gotten so behind with my blogging that I can't remember the stories behind most of the pictures. At least I usually remember to take the camera so at least I have the picture. I have no idea even where this display was installed. I do remember the call I got from the sender. She was delighted. She and her daughter lured the birthday boy outside by telling him there was a dead cat in the street. Guess that's what attracted the buzzards.

I remember this one though. That's because while I was busy planting birds in the ivy I kept hearing noises around the side of the house. My first thought was we were about to get caught. But then I looked up and peering around the side of the house where two little masked faces. So cute!! I was obviously disturbing the wild life. We looked at each other for a few moments and then I made a noise and the raccoons disappeared back behind the house. Did I mention how cute they were peeking around the corner at me?

The next night we took the welcome to the neighborhood birds to wish Larene a happy birthday. This went unobserved by anyone in the area - or at least I remained blissfully unaware of observers.

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