Saturday, September 30, 2006

I See Pink Things

Two flocks of flamingos to deliver before we face the sprinklers (I figured that they would still be running when we returned).

Since I am so far behind in my blogging, I am posting this on 10/10 even though the date says 9/30. That's why I know Gwen is going to call almost 2 weeks after her surprise to see if she can get me to tell her who sent her the surprise. Apparently the sender has a very good poker face and didn't give it away even under cross examination at the birthday party. I'm acquainted with the sender and I'm not surprised that (s)he is able to maintain, even under close scrutiny.

And then there's Booger. What can I say. Sometimes the love just shines through in the message. I have no idea if the birthday person figured out who sent this, but how many people call this person Booger? It's either totally obvious, or Booger needs to carefully consider his/her public image.

BTW: The sprinkers had stopped when we returned for the buzzards, but the birds were still wet.

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