Friday, September 29, 2006

All Wet

The office personnel decided Dr G deserved special recognition for his birthday. The office is in a very nice business park, lots of green space. It really puts the park in business park. When we finally located the right suite, it was right where the sprinklers were running, and running, and running. Deciding that the sprinkers were obviously going to run forever, we waded in. I've had to work through the sprinkers before, but this is the soggiest I have ever gotten. You can even see the spray in the photo. The buzzards are really clean now. A clean buzzard is a happy buzzard.

Soaking wet and slightly chilled, we headed south to deliver a happy birthday to Zack. Considering my hot flashes, the heater is seldom on in the flamingomobile. This trip was an exception. Our feet were almost dry by the time we got back to the nest, but everything else was still damp.

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