Friday, July 28, 2006


Curses - the new (to us) flamingomobile is in the shop. Not just our shop, or Frank's shop*, but the Dodge dealer's shop. Please, cross your hands over your wallet and pray for me. DBFA was a mechanic in a former life. A real life, fix anything on a car or truck mechanic. But those were the days when cars and trucks were actually mechanical. Nowadays they are mostly computers. So after working his way through the few mechanical things there were to work his way through, and conferring with Frank, he had no choice but to turn to the computer jockeys at the dealership. I won't know how many extra flockings we'll need to hustle up to make bail until maybe Monday. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if it came to within 50 cents of the insurance settlement we are expecting from the accident. The Universe always knows when there's a little extra cash coming in and helps find a way to spend it.

* Frank, our neighbor in the flamingo compound, is an auto mechanic. He and DBFA collaborate on our various vehicle repair projects.

Meanwhile, we are doing our deliveries in the PT Cruiser. And while the Universe has a sense of humor about how it spends my cash, it at least has been showing some mercy by making sure any day's orders will actually fit in this vehicle.

Of course, I can fit some amazing things in my Cruiser. I'm making a sign for over Frank's shop and needed to pick up a 2-ft by 8-ft piece of acrylic from Tap Plastics. The guy who cut the sheet for me came out to help load it in my "truck" and was sure it wouldn't fit. Silly boy! I had 32 buzzards, a 3-ft by 4-ft sign, and my usual assortment of "must have" stuff (kleenex, sweater, ad boxes, water bottle, empty Wendy's bags, map book, folding rolling carry-all - you know, the essentials) in the back, adding an 8-ft slab of plastic - no problem. He was amazed when the tailgate actually closed.

The last couple nights of flocking have been pretty routine. I did have to actually look at a map book and plot our courses, since we left Stella in the van and the van is being held captive at the dealer. DBFA and I are so spoiled having her tell us where to go. So for lackof anything amusing to say, I'll just post the pictures and go have lunch.


rashbre said...

What a laugh! Great idea!

Carmi said...

I think you should be the subject of the next PT Cruiser commercial.

Wow, how I love that vehicle. So practical and cool.

Mine would have the sunroof, a stick, and a neato stereo.

For now, I'll stick with the minivan.

David said...

ello from michele

MissMeliss said...

I've been away from the bay area for two years, read this, and suddenly have the TAP Plastics themesong in my head.

Except it's being sung by your flamingoes.

Seriously? Great project. What fun!

Michele sent me.

verniciousknids said...

"Flocking"?! My universe has been expanded...thank you :D

Pearl said...

Stuffed all that into a cruiser? Good show. Dodge trucks: Digital strong will be their new slogan.

kenju said...

Hope your pink eye is better now.