Saturday, July 01, 2006

It's Good to be Queen

The San Leandro Times published a nice little article about the Flamingess and the business of flocking. This created a very welcome bump in telephone traffic and some new orders. Thank you Linda Sandsmark, for the write up. We love publicity.

The Flamingess did a some calling around to make the morning drive a little easier to take. The furthest display to set up was 47 miles east and the furthest pick up would have been 80+ miles west. The new retiree graciously agreed to let his flock stay until noon so we only had to make the rounds to Oakley and Castro Valley and back to the nest.

We were given the option to deliver this lovely flock during the day. The party didn't start until 3PM. But this is a holiday weekend and it's likely that many folks will be on the road, heading out to play in the Delta, or maybe going to Tony's birthday party. So we elected to stick with our early morning routine.

This anniversary greeting was one of the orders prompted by the article in the San Leandro Times. We arrived at this yard around 2:20am and got started setting up on a very nice elevated corner lot. As I was putting the message on the sign I heard a car pull up and a whispered conversation start with DBFA. Next moment, that whisper is right next to me. The sender, after reading this blog, figured out about when we would be arriving and wanted to confirm that I had the name right; Denny, not Benny. I am impressed - the timing was perfect! I had the name right, too.

After several hours sleep, we headed out to Los Altos to pick up the retirement flock. Since we were only a few miles away from a friend's place, we headed over there afterwards. Banzai Burgers (messy and delicious) at Red Robin for lunch, snacks and a little wine at her place. Picked up a Papa Murphy's pizza on the way home. Two Netflix movies waiting in the mailbox. I predict we will both be asleep before the first movie ends.

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