Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Van is Dead, Long Live the Van

It's official. The insurance adjuster was here today to pronounce the Flamingomobile dead (totalled). We're certainly not surprised. It doesn't take much to total an 18 year old van with over 260,000 miles, even one that runs great.

On the other hand, we are totally in love with the rental we're using - gotta have those "Stow'n'Go" seats! And so many other neat toys to play with. The flamingos are enjoying the DVD player, helps keep them calm during transport. Winged Migration is a big favorite. Of course the budget wasn't expecting the need to buy a vehicle. As a recently 100% self-employed business owner, I'm not likely to be a thrilling risk for the credit union. Monday should bring the news of how thrilled they are.

Meanwhile we revel in the delights of driving up to a home in a quiet van, with quiet doors and quiet tailgate. (Yeah, we're easily thrilled, what can I say)

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