Saturday, May 13, 2006

Stella Gets a Roommate

The latest update for our GPS navigator arrived yesterday. A bunch of new features, most of which we'll never use, plus one we were really looking forward to - announcing the next street name. It's always displayed, but in bright daylight not always readable. Now after Stella tells us which way to turn, her new roommate tells us where. She has a strange accent, which is taking some getting used to and has a tendency to place the accent on the wrong sylLAble. We haven't named her yet. It should be something exotic and perhaps European.

Maybe it was the excitement of having a new friend, but Stella had a hard time getting us to this surprise location. She insisted we could get there directly from the freeway. Not! Good thing I'd been doing the route planning using Microsoft Streets and Trips earlier. We were able to resist her urgings to get back on the freeway, and pick our way to the house, about 30 feet from the freeway and about as far from an exit as possible.

Stella was quite content to properly lead us out of this neighborhood and on south to make the next flocking birthday delivery. Kirt gets to keep this attention-getter in his front yard for 2 days. His sister is so considerate.

Third stop was for an early Mothers' Day. The daughter will be taking Mom out for church and a special lunch on Sunday and wants her to be able to enjoy her day with the birds.

And just before 4:00 AM we delivered the roosters to crow for Wendy's birthday. Fortunately for the neighbors, the crowing will be done by Wendy's friends and not the birds. The flock, were it alive, would raise one amazing ruckus in this peaceful Alameda neighborhood.


dorkette said...

Ha! I've read about this - they have one here in Phoenix, too! I'm from the bay area and I miss it sooo bad. argh. Keep up the good work!

Uisce said...

roosters, LOL! we've got this one that won't shut up... want him?