Saturday, May 20, 2006

Roads to A View

We were off to a late start this morning, but it was OK since we only had two set ups, which were reasonably close to home, and the pick up in darkest San Anselmo could happen anytime before daylight. Since I had managed to sleep until almost noon Friday, there was no way I was getting to sleep before midnight. Finally drifted off about 12:30. DBFA woke just before 2:00AM and we headed out. The rain storm had passed on through and left behind a pleasant starry night. Between the humidity left from the rain and the steam rising off of the hot-flashing Flamingess, we had to keep the defroster on the whole trip. Once the heat starts to rise, I can fog up all the windows in the van in a matter of moments. Not quite the same way it happened in my wayward youth

Tucked unobtrusively behind this charming little house is a truly breathtaking view. I only caught a glimpse of the panorama of lights spread out like a carpet, but it certainly helps explain why anyone would put up with the roads to get here.

The sun was rising as we stopped at a nearby 24-hour Safeway to pick up cream for the coffee and ice cream, just because. It was full light by the time we returned to the nest.

Then this afternoon, we delivered a flock of flamingos to a home situated about as high above Oakland as it's possible to get (no picture) and still be earthbound. It looks out over the Bay, all the way from the Golden Gate to Silicon Valley! Even in the haze, it was amazing. But to get there is tortuous. I am so glad we were able to deliver in daylight. To describe the roads as narrow and winding is to be generous. If I lived up there I would have to have a helipad or everything would have to be delivered. I'm sure it's no surprise that the birds are remaining until daylight tomorrow.

The theme of the past 2 days of work - bad roads. The bonus, some fabulous views.

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Uisce said...

I'm so glad you don't have to journey down my road. I'm afraid I'm going to lose my suspension one of these days. All this rain hasn't helped, either! :/