Friday, May 19, 2006


This morning's yard was dark, seriously dark. Toe stubbing, curb tripping, hole stepping dark. As tempting as it was to aim the van at the yard and turn on the high beams, that just doesn't fit in with the stealth theme of our work. I did prop a flashlight in the bushes to light up the steps, otherwise the entire neighborhood would have been out investigating the racket caused by the Flamingess falling on her face and flinging flamingos far and wide.

All the birds are planted right along the walkway because we were afraid to venture away from the path. Beyond this point there be monsters - or at least landscaping in danger of trampling. Did I mention that it was dark? I have no idea what it looks like.

The birthday girl's friends wanted something extra special for her. I can only hope.

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Joe Mingo said...

Glad to hear that there wasn't any tripping going on. You know I would have been flat on my face, being the klutz that I am. Maybe we need to get us some of those caps with the miner's lights on them?