Thursday, April 06, 2006

On Your Mark, Get Set, RUN!!

Wednesday, Clare woke up to find this flock in her yard. This is a lovely area of Alameda known as the Gold Coast, with many beautiful old homes. We enjoy working in Alameda because it's flat, the soil is sandy and that makes it easy to plant flamingos, and it's very close to home. The only downside is the theft. We lose more animals in Alameda than in any other community. But not this time. Maybe everyone who wants a flamingo but isn't willing to enter Walmart to buy their own, has already stolen all they want. One can hope.

This display will remain until Friday morning. I'll be picking it up on the way to Concord for the Home & Garden Show.Between the order going out tonight, the breakfast meeting I am attending in the morning at the obscene hour of 7:30am, and getting to the show before it opens, leaving this surprise a few hours longer will let me get a couple more hours of sleep before the marathon begins. There are definite benefits to being the boss!


The Lone Coyote said...

Thank you for making my girlfriend's birthday the best ever! I have a blog too and I posted more about the display you put up. Come and read if you are interested:

David said...

happy easter