Monday, March 13, 2006

Revenge is Sweet

I love my customers! The herd of cows we delivered last night were in retaliation for a month's worth of jeering. The hubby just couldn't keep from pointing out to all their friends that she is 40 and he's not, neener neener. So much for that boast! The whole neighborhood knows that he has turned that corner now and she is just loving it!

And better late than never, here is new baby Mia's flock.

On the subject of new babies, I took a call this morning that I hope will result in an order. The caller is in Pennsylvania and has her first baby due in late October. Her sister in Nevada is due with her first in early November. Grandma-to-be lives here in the Bay Area and doesn't know yet that her progeny are about to produce progeny. That would be such a fun announcement to set up in Grandma's yard - Look Ma, we're pregnant!

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