Monday, February 20, 2006

$8 Apple?

I spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday working my booth at the Home & Garden Show. Friday traffic was about normal - slow - and the rain didn't do much to lure folks out to play. Saturday stayed dry and traffic picked up, but Sunday! Sunday kicked butt!! Great traffic, super prospects and sunshine! Sunday was the best day I've had at a show yet. Hopefully a sign of things to come.

The Creative Memories lady (CML) was having a challenging weekend and elected to treat her doldrums with food, which she shared with the Flamingess (I'm not one to pass up free food, as would be obvious if you could see me). She hit the caramel apple booth Saturday for two of these decadent creations; caramel and dark chocolate coated, one with and one without nuts. Sunday brought a milk chocolate rocky road apple first, and she put a reservation in for a dark chocolate rocky road apple for later. Is it possible to make an apple worth $8? Absolutely! Even more so, since she was buying. Get a thick enough coating of caramel, chocolate, marshmallows and nuts on it and pocket lint is worth $8 a serving. These suckers must weigh 2 pounds apiece and apple lady will cut them up for easier eating and sharing. Late on Sunday CML switched from apples to garlic fries. Good thing the traffic had slowed down. There aren't enough Listerine Pocket Packs in the Bay Area to overcome even a few serious garlic fries.

I did get an order on Saturday (I don't expect to book orders at the show). The couple were in the booth checking out all the pictures and trying to figure out who is having the next birthday. She says "Too bad, my daughter's birthday is tomorrow." You know I jumped all over that! We loaded up and got to the location about 1:30am and there was a party going on. Back home, a little nap to the Olympics reruns, and then back out at 3am to try again. From the look of the house, the party girl was now napping to the Olympic reruns so we were able to plant the birds and make good our escape.

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