Friday, March 18, 2011

The Silence of The Flamingos

One of the challenges in my line of work is maintaining some measure of quiet while setting out a display. Waking the neighbors, the recipient, or worse, the recipient's dog complicates things and can spoil the surprise.  Not to mention the toll it takes on my heart when a voice booms out in the dark demanding to know "What's going on out here!"

Last night it seemed like we were making enough noise to rouse the whole block. The birds were all piled up at the front of the loading area and persuading them to slide closer to the tail gate created an awful lot of clatter. Getting them to let loose of each other involved even more clanking and banging.

Thanks to the insulated windows and the inclement weather we got it done without the two dogs inside sounding the alarm. Another clean get-away.


Bodacious Boomer said...

I guess you just need to channel your inner ninja kiddo.

Stork Rentals Buffalo said...

I love the feeling you get, like you are doing something wrong, waiting to get "caught"...