Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Early Birds

After months of neglect I spent some time this morning reading old posts here. Although, while writing them, I frequently felt like I was being redundant that didn't come through in the reading. I am surprised - pleasantly so. Maybe that will be inspiring enough to get me to come back and do some more.

It's not like the work has stopped. We still often spend several nights a week out messing with people's yards. Not for the past two nights though. That's because the Flamingess messed up an order and installed it a day early. The birthday was Saturday but the flock arrived on Friday.

One danger in scheduling our work is getting the day wrong. Customers want to help by telling us the night we should deliver. What we really want to know is the day they want the display to be on the lawn. So a Friday night delivery is really a Saturday display.

This time I failed to clarify the days and interpreted the discussion about a Friday delivery to mean a Friday display. So Stoney gets to enjoy his 60th birthday flock for 3 days instead of 2. And the Flamingess and DBFA get to enjoy 2 nights off instead of 1. Sometimes, not often, these little errors work out to everyone's advantage. The misunderstanding may have been encouraged by the fact that we had a flock to pickup Thursday night on the same side of the Bay so it was easy to just drive a few miles further south and replant the birds.

At least we were only one day early. Last time I messed up the delivery date we showed up a whole week early. Twice in 14 years - not too bad, but there's no need to do it again.

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