Sunday, December 28, 2008

Merry Christmas To All

It's after noon on the Sunday after Christmas and I'm still in my nightshirt and fuzzy slippers, sitting at the dining table browsing cool backgrounds for this blog. The Cutest Blog on the Block has lots of great, colorful and fun backgrounds that are super simple to use. The biggest challenge is to figure out which one to use right now. I'm going for a New Year's theme, at least for a week and then I'll have the pleasure of picking a new one for January. I'll also play with a customized signature and if I am really ambitious, I might work on a new header. In summary, I am avoiding real work - the kind that pays the bills.

It's just too gloomy looking outside and I imagine it's cold in the shop. In order to perserve my excuse for lethargy I'm deliberately not checking the very easy to see thermometer. If it turns out to be above 50 degrees then I need to come up with another excuse. It may just be easier to put on sweats and go to work. There is a restaurant opening soon in Alameda, Shay's Cafe, that I need to get the signage done for. I could go over and install the window lettering and give the owners a sense that I really am going to get this done before their opening day. That would leave just (just!?!) the wall painting. For that I need to have a platform lift because the sign is above the entrance doors and tops out at about 16 feet from the sidewalk. I am just too old and too lame to attempt this on a ladder. My scaffold will only get my feet 6 feet off the ground, which puts my comfortable painting height at about 11 feet.

Tonight could be our last flocking of 2008. Other orders may come in early in the week but the phones are very quiet. There has been a slight pick up in business in the last 2 weeks but, considering what it had dropped to, a single call changes the statistics drastically. However, I have high hopes that 2009 will start off better than 2008 ended and the trend will continue to improve.
If I don't make it back before next year, Happy New Year to you all. Be safe, happy and healthy.

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