Monday, June 18, 2007

What a week!!

Last week seemed like one long drive. Our nights started at the usual times (12:30 to 1:30 am) but ended after daylight. 15 orders in 7 days which equals 30 stops (not counting stops at the gas pumps) and something in excess of 1500 miles.

Two orders for hearts and stars.
A birthday and a graduation.

In order to finally get an actual night's sleep, we let 3 displays stay a bit longer and picked those up Sunday afternoon. My buddy, HJM volunteered to ride shotgun so DBFA could get some badly needed extra rest. In this one trip, we made a circuit of Tracy, a loop around Moraga, and a lovely drive out along San Pablo Reservoir to get to El Sobrante, Leaving El Sobrante we found ourselves stopped in traffic as the Sikh spiritual peace march filled the streets. It was a beautiful thing to be involved in, even just as a vehicle bound spectator.

Birds and more birds.

Last night was a single pick up, a mere 3 miles from home. Easy, easy, easy. Of course, both vehicles are stuffed with plastic animals, signs and letters. Being basically lazy, we'll wait until we have to load up for tonight's work to start shovelling out the current loads.

Lots and lots of critters. Lots and lots of surprised grads, Dads and birthday celebrants.

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