Friday, December 29, 2006

I Love Testimonials

The single disappointment in this business is that we never get to see the actual moment of surprise. Occasionally we will hear about it later, but usually we have to content ouselves with the fun of doing the job. Just to prove the exception to the rule, my email brought me this:

On December 17 I held an open house to celebrate my husband’s 60th birthday. As part of the fun I hired Flamingo Surprise to place 60 flamingos on our front lawn as a surprise for my husband. On the appointed morning I looked out and the lawn was a riot of pink flamingos along with a huge sign proclaiming my husbands “Flocking 60th”. Yes, Kerry and friends had done their work under cover of darkness and we never heard one sound.

When my husband saw the flamingos he laughed and laughed and said that of all the things he could possibly think of that would be on our lawn the flamingos were the last thing. As our guests started to arrive for the party they too enjoyed the "Flamingo Surprise”.

Kerry and company came back late that night to pick them up, again without making a sound.

I would recommend Flamingo Surprise to anyone who wants to give the gift of laughter and fun to someone special. And the best thing is it can always be your secret, because unless you tell them they never have to know who did it.

Jan Woycheshin

A big hug to you, Jan, for providing this wonderful testimonial.


Terri said...

This was great and what a neat business you have! SO creative! And what a nice letter from a satisfied customer.
Visiting here via Michele's (But I'll have to go check out your website)

panthergirl said...

LOL! His "flocking 60th"... too funny. I would say that what you did was a whop-pink success!

Here via michele, and Happy New Year!