Saturday, November 25, 2006

A New Star in the Firmament

Actually lots of stars. Yes, it's true! We have added a new item. I had an order for them before they were even delivered, a good sign. Being the hard core procrastinators that DBFA and the Flamingess are, we waited until it was time to head out to make deliveries before we tried to unpack the stars we needed for the night's work. I have to give the factory credit - they are very well packed. We were wading in a sea of discarded wire ties, plastic bags and sheets of corrougated cardboard by the time we had liberated 15 stars from their captivity. The rest of them are still in their boxes, stacked in the back of the small flamingomobile. No sense doing anything about them until we have to, right?

We've been working, but there hasn't been anything particularly original or challenging so I'm going to take the lazy way out (see above) and skip posting about it. Except for this one picture because I like the phrase. The best stuff comes from the customers.


jsdaughter said...

What an awesome idea!
Here via Michele...

atpanda said...

Your business cracks me up! You've got some great ideas here. What a fun way to earn a living. :-)

Michele sent me.

Jennifer said...

OK, this sounds like a business I would love!! What a trip!!! I know you have to love your work!!
Here from Michele's, and glad I came, because I'm leaving with a smile :)