Sunday, October 22, 2006

Stop and Then Go Go Go

A few days off were welcome after a long string of every-other-day jobs. In order to actually have a whole night without working, we have to have two jobless days in a row. Since this self-employed flocker gets paranoid when we have too many days without work, I welcome the rest but then fret about business. However I was able to enjoy this little break because we have lots of work this week.

Yesterday's job was a sweet birthday flock that made a nice counterpoint to the ghost on the porch. I hadn't noticed the figure until I was at the door to leave my little door hanger bag of propaganda. I'm very glad it wasn't animated - the adrenalin rush from getting startled on the job makes it hard to sleep when I get back to the nest.

Last night we moved the flock from the ghost yard to a court yard. The birds were arrayed where everyone who lived in this complex had to practically wade through them. There was no way this birthday girl's age is a secret to her neighbors anymore. Since the sign was tucked away behind a rather large hedge when we returned, I would speculate that she wasn't really ready for that knowledge to be wide spread. Too late.

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