Monday, August 21, 2006

The Place is Full

One quick job for Sunday and we were back in the nest to enjoy our last chance to sleep in a bed until the end of the week. The VBs arrived on Sunday evening to visit for a few days. We gave up our bed to two of them and created a sleeping area in the warehouse for the other two. Since we spend much of any given night snoozing in the living room, it's really not that much of a change.

DBFA spent the afternoon creating a double batch of his (should be) famous chicken cacciatore to feed the weary travellers. After 12 hours on the road they were very glad to be out of the car and to stretch their legs. A tour of our elegant facilities followed by a congenial dinner, and a lot of running up and down stairs, finally everyone settled in for the night.

The VBs headed off on BART into San Francisco to ride the cable cars and explore Ghiradelli Square and Fisherman's Wharf. They'll return shortly and the apartrment will fill again with words and activity and we will celebrate the VB son's 18th birthday. Papa Murphy's pizzas (2 family size pies), a special piece of German Chocolate cake for the birthday boy (he is the only one who likes it), a chocoate cream pie for the rest of us, and ice cream of course. Then presents. They've made him wait all day for his gifts - sweet torture.

Hope they get here soon - I'm hungry.

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Pearl said...

What a load of excitement. Great to have guests, not to mention German Chocolate cake. ;)