Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Getting Caught Up

It has been busy busy busy around the nest recently. The Flamingess has fallen behind in the critical task of posting work pictures and I know my readers are suffering for it. So I am going to cram four day's worth of daily trivia into one post. Now's your chance to bail out.

Saturday, it seemed like we were hauling stuff constantly. The usual early morning schedule picking up the previous day's work and delivering these flocks.

A few hours sleep and it was time to start again with two daylight deliveries. We seldom work in the light of day. Sometimes I feel distinctly mole-like. A flamingo flock delivered for a party, but no sign (and no picture - I wasn't quite awake yet and the camera didn't even occur to me. After unloading the birds, it was back to the warehouse to load up for another party. Since we are still without the big flamingomobile, the Cruiser is taking on some real challenges - all this stuff was for one place. When it came time to pick it all up, we even managed to squeeze in the flamingo flock. The birds had to be stuffed in through the windows because opening the tailgate would have resulted in an avalanche of hearts and frogs. In the afternoon, HJM came over in her shiny new Saturn Sky roadster - mmmmm, sweet. We took a short joy ride and spent a few hours wandering the Alameda Art & Wine festival. Drove home with the top down. A convertible makes a perfect menopause car. Of course, since I am such a mole and have totally lost any sun avoidance skills I may have once possessed, I fried my nose and neck.

There were two jobs for Sunday, but since DBFA and I were off to Paradise to surprise my daughter (MM) for her birthday, I drafted some friends to make the trek to Morgan Hill with flamingos and to stick a herd of cows in Oakland. Even so, we still made a pick up on the way out of town. A flocker's work is never done. After a lovely visit with MM, CJ (grandson) and several members of MM's family, we made it home in time to have dinner, take a nap and go back to work.

If the phone doesn't ring within the next 7 minutes, we will actually have tonight off. No pick ups, no deliveries, and a chance to get a full night's sleep. Wow!

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Just a trumpet player said...

Flamingos !! Something we haven't seen in ages around here, unfortunately...

Michele sent me. Have a great weekend !