Friday, August 04, 2006

Felicitating and Facilitating

We had an unusually narrow window of time for the installation of this flock - between 3am and 5am. We pulled up at just about 3:15, perfectly gauged at the end of the pick up run. I spotted more rabbits out in Redwood Shores (like you're really interested in the urban rabbit count). I'd love to have 40 or 50 of these in my critter inventory (rendered in lifelike plastic, of course).

After grabbing a couple hours sleep, the alarm ripped me out of an interesting dream. I was just arriving backstage (somewhere in England) and was marveling that the female speaker on stage had such a deep rich voice. A boy dressed as Eeyore (but in the shape of a boot in a suit. Hey! I said it was a dream) was being handed over the lighted glass prop case to a jester. I'm still wondering what was going on. But a networking meeting was calling. I didn't have the option of blowing it off and burrowing back into my pillow since I'd been drafted as a facilitator at this morning's "Power Partner" event. A fast bath and a BIG cup of coffee got me out the door. More coffee liberally ingested at the breakfast kept me lucid. It was a lively meeting - not everyone at my table got a lot out of it, but at least 7 of the 10 made some very valuable connections - 70% success is pretty good.

Since I got home, the only thing I've managed to accomplish is to receive a shipment of sign supplies (big job coming up next week), read my daily comics and internet forum postings, fiddle with my blog (I really want a new template, but have no idea how to make one and lack the discretionary funds to pay someone to do it for me), and post this fascinating tribute to my self-absorption. I think I'll go make myself a drink and subside into television induced torpor.

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