Monday, July 24, 2006

Minor Relief

Like much of the country, it's wicked hot here. Today is a little better, it's only 100 in the warehouse. Yesterday at this time it was 110. Needless to say, we are NOT working in the warehouse. We have a small A/C unit in the living room and that is were we've been for the past 4 days. When I have to venture in to the office to run a credit card or to plug the laptop into the printer, I don't linger.

That said, we have it pretty good. I spent Saturday and Sunday trying to take an order for last night. When I was finally able to get the details from the sender at 9:30 last night, she told me that it had been 114 at her place, she has no A/C (but the power was out in the neighborhood so that didn't make much difference,) and all of the stores were out of ice - in other words - it sucked! I hope Marlis appreciates her efforts, she just couldn't miss her best friend's birthday. See how sweet it turned out to be?

Maybe it was the heat, but neither DBFA or I could sleep last evening. He managed about 2-hours and I finally dropped off after Midsomer Murders at midnight. We were up to start work at 1:00am and the temp was finally down in the low 70's. Getting in the Flamingomobile and turning the fan up was heavenly - cool at last! As we moved inland, it didn't stay that way. We had the A/C on before we dropped off the buzzards, but were able to turn it off again as we headed back west (the fan stayed on high though).

Everyone is sleeping with their windows open. That makes our job harder, but we're good! Very sneaky people! The order for this flock of flamingos came in through the singing telegram company so once again, we didn't have any information about the presence of dogs. As DBFA was planting the first handful of birds, we heard a sharp snort from inside - ALERT! - dog snuffling for intruders. We managed to get everything set up with only one additional soft woof. The creature sounded big - sure glad (s)he approves of our work. If this beast decided to set off the alarm, the whole neighborhood would have been in the street in their 'jammies.

The last stop was on the Peninsula, which means we got to cross the Bay. The coolest spot we found during the whole night was right in the middle of the San Mateo Bridge. Even with the widening, there isn't really room to pull over, oepn the windows, lay back the seats and spend the rest of the night, so we kept on going.

I'm not convinced that we weren't observed doing this set up. The birthday boy may be hard of hearing, but the curtain was pulled back a little bit - someone may have been peeking. Hi Hal! Happy Birthday.


Deana said...

114? Now that is too hot....and no air? That is awful. It sure looks like you have a fun job!

kenju said...

Your job is exciting, even in the heat. At least it sounds that way to me.