Friday, July 14, 2006

Easing into The Weekend

Only one display out last night and I forgot the camera (I miss my memory)/ (I added the photo) This order came in through another company (we do the flamingoing for a local singing telegram service) so one of my standard questions didn't get answered - "do they have a dog?" We ask that question, not because we are worried for our safety, but because we don't want the dog alerting the household that something weird is happening in the yard. We pulled up out front about 3:00am (yes, we over slept and got a late start). A light was showing in an inside hallway but there wasn't anyone visible. As I unloaded the sign I heard a quick whining noise and spotted what looked like to top of a dog's head, a big dog, just the ears and eyes above the windowsill watching us.

Uh oh! We're about to be busted. This guy is going to raise hell because strangers are messing around in his territory.

Not another sound, and the eyes and ears disappeared never to be seen again. Maybe I imagined it. Or this reinforces my theory that the dogs sense that we are not a threat and are up to something good. More often than not, dogs who are reported to bark at everything let us get away with performing our duties without making a sound. But we never count on it.

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