Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Deja Moo

We had Monday and Tuesday off. It takes two days in a row with no work to score one full night's sleep. Ahhh - eight straight hours - I was shooting for ten, but my middle-aged bladder was having none of that nonsense. Today is kind of groggy, because for some mysterious reason neither one of us could get going on a decent nap last night. After suffering through a couple of lame movies that failed to put us out, we gave up and went to work about 1:30am. Pierce Brosnan was too cute to sleep through, and Jack Lemmon too annoying. Don't know what DBFA's reasons were.

The first stop was back to one of the perfect lawns we visited last week. It was flamingos for the daughter's birthday then. This time it's cows for Dad. Someone in the family better come through for Mom when her birthday rolls around.

After dropping off the herd, we followed the moon to the next stop. We missed the night for the 100% full moon, but one night past it was still impressive. Bright enough that the sky was blue and only the very brightest stars had any chance of being seen.

The birthday girl has already called to try to find out who sent her this flock. As usual, it was sent under promise of anonymity. When she heard that, she decided the best course of action would be to take a glass of wine out, sit among the birds and wait for the perpetrator to show up to view their deed. I think that's a good plan, even if they don't show.


Pearl said...

It does sound like a good way to spend an evening, under the stars surrounded by a suprise flock. Sounds like a lovely moon-night.

Plain Jane said...

I love the frogs! :)

Hi, from Michele's!