Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Enough with the April Showers, Already!

A wet bird never flies at night. Of course these wet birds don't fly in the day time either, but they do like to ride around in the van and visit strangers. To keep them from tearing up the warehouse, we have to let them out once in awhile.

Didn't we get enough rain in March? The Bay Area is supposed to be semi-arid, 22-inches of rain a year. Fine. Since I am from San Diego where a wet year is 15 inches, another half-a-foot of percipitation is tolerable, especially if it falls during the hours I am not outside. Even though the roof leaks have been fixed and the warehouse hasn't flooded, I want sunshine.

One thing about the current climate I do like, however, is the frog chorus. In the lot behind our building, the frogs emerge after a soaking rain. They sing day and night until the puddles dry up and then they disappear into the ground to silently await their next opportunity. Nature embellishes even the most unlikely neighborhoods.

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