Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Feathers Will Fly

...or they would if they weren't molded in. The weather forecast promised it was going to get cold tonight. Well - cold for here, into the 30's. And don't write to point out that night temps in the 30's in February is practically balmy. Nobody's making you live in the snow. This California girl didn't even see snow until she was 21, and I decided then that the best place to experience this white wonder was from the warmth and safety of a bar stool in front of a roaring fire.

Where was I? Oh yeah, the forecast. Instead of cold, we got wind. Gusts between 35 and 52 mph. The birds will stay planted, but we may find them all facing the same direction when we pick them up.


Joe Mingo said...

LOL - 30 & balmy?? No way, 30 is cold whereever you're at. It's going to be a low of 10 tonight and I have a setup for 50 cows. Winds are 30mph. This is not going to be fun. Wanna trade?

The Flamingess said...

10? No trade. I'll stay in California and complain when it drops below 50.

Good luck with the herd and don't let the sign sail away with you.