Sunday, December 25, 2005

Double the Fun

Santa Claus is not the only one out and about making deliveries on Christmas. The Flamingess and her partner had a special birthday flock to set up. We set out at about 1:30am, pleased that this run was a mere 12 miles away and we could be out and back in less than an hour. Alas - it helps if the Flamingess gets the address right. Does Santa have this problem?

We found the house, with the lawn at the top of a steep driveway. Trudged up and down with birds and sign (where are the sherpas when you need them?) and were driving away undetected in just a few minutes. About 2 blocks away I decided to double check the order and discovered I had directed us to the wrong house number. After the appropriate number of swear words - it was back to the house, trudge up and down with birds and sign, back into the vehicle.

Down the block to another mini-Everest of a driveway. This yard is 100% lava rock which creates a serious challenge to those of us who are supposed to be sneaky. Between the crunching underfoot and the grinding of the flamingo rods as we try to plant the birds, it is difficult to believe we aren't alerting the entire neighborhood. But we got away undetected at both houses and the surprise was a success.

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