Sunday, October 30, 2005

Flamingoing In The Bay Area - A Flockers Tale

This blog is intended to share the adventures of a late night flamingo planter. My business is sneaking around in the early early hours of the morning, setting up surprises for unsuspecting people. We surprise them for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, new homes, retirements, marriage proposals, or virtually any other occasion.

It isn't exciting every night, but it is almost always fun. We get rained on, wade in tall weeds or mud, deal with ground the consistency of concrete, sneak past dogs and vigilant neighbors, and survive police drive-bys.

The whole thing started in September 1996. I was sitting in freeway commute traffic and turned on the radio to keep my mind off the ever lengthening drive. I tuned in in the middle of an nterview with a guy who was talking about some of the strange things people do with pink plastic lawn flamingos. He has been sent photos of the birds atop wedding cakes, dressed for holidays, taking vacations, etc. He mentioned "There are even people who rent them by the flock." That comment grabbed my attention and by the time I reached my destination I had to know more. A call to the radio station gave me the man's name, Don Featherstone, and his company's name, Union Products in Leominster MA. My next call was to Union Products and after I explained what I was after, the customer service rep gave me the name and number for a company in Chicago that was doing the flamingo flock rentals.

Several phone conversations with Rick Fazio of Flamingo Surprise ( convinced him that I was serious about getting into this business. I took the red eye to Chicago and spent the day learning the ropes, seeing some displays and working out a deal. I returned home that night ready to get started. By November I had the business set up, my inventory had arrived and we were ready to go.

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